My journey with the three principles: how everything changed….  

I had reached a level of success where I “SHOULD” be happy about life and enjoy the victories. But instead, I became more and more drained of energy and in the end, I completely lost my mojo.

I was stuck in survival mode with days of back-to-back meetings, endless mail conversations and phone calls that left me in a primal state, really frustrated and completely reactive to everything happening around me.


I was so overwhelmed and stressed that I ended up in a place where nothing really mattered anymore.

That really freaked me out!

My biggest headache? That my loved ones took most of the hit. 

I tried to self medicate and “fix” my situation by consuming loads of life hack content. I've tested many strategies and implemented countless habits that the so-called experts recommended for increased focus and productivity etc.


But none of it really worked.

In hindsight it's easy to see that I tried to figure everything out instead of trusting my own instincts. This meant that I had a lot on my mind all the time and no room for new creative thoughts, which ironically was what I was looking for all the time.

One day I was searching the internet for the next thing and I came across a webinar that introduced me to 3 universal principles that explained how all human experiences is created moment-to-moment. I had never come across anything like it in terms of making sense to me right away. 


Finding that webinar and the Principles was the turning point in my life as it brought me a profound inner shift, with no effort. It was like all the dots finally connected and I saw clearly and simply the truth underneath all the other methods I had encountered.


It became the end of my self-help addiction and the beginning of my "recovery".

It felt like I saw a new approach to life, where stress, constant worrying and insecurity did not affect me as much anymore.

One of the most defining moments was when my coach at the time said to me…..I can tell you have a lot on your mind, is it always like this he asked? Yes I answered.

He said, it’s like you’ve been pushing the accelerator hard down in the car while your other foot is on the clutch. The engine spins furiously but you go nowhere. As simple and naive as it seems it hit me like a ton of bricks! 

Then he continued, you want to know the best part? Sure, I said!


As soon as you take your foot off the pedal, the engine slows down to an idle automatically. It’s the same with your speed up thinking. Leave it alone and it will settle.

Every time. Nothing else to do. Just leave it alone.

But it seemed too simple.

So I constructed a test. I decided to stay 10 days alone in a mountain cabin with nothing but food, my favorite guitar (my way of meditating), and a couple of journals to document what I come across.


Did I really create my own stress, in my mind with my own thinking rather than being a casualty of a more and more intense and disruptive external environment?

Long story short, YES I truly create my own experience. The first couple of days in the cabin was terrible. 

I was out hiking for 6-7 hours a day to help my mind settle, that worked! But as soon as I entered the cabin again my mind switched gear and started prompting me to reach for the phone....It's like my mind said I have had to few distractions today!

I was physically tired going to bed but as soon as I closed my eyes my internal IMAX projector started to run back-to-back snapshot movies from my life….that went on for 4-5 hours every night. 

Every night my innate film director and his special effects team did what they could to increase the level of discomfort in the movies projected.


Even though I know it's all just old distorted memories that no longer exist it looked and felt so real....... my heart started pumping and my palms became sweaty. The scary part, it so easy to see how the ego and mind plays games with us if we don't understand the way our experience Is created.

It took 6 nights but when I woke up on day 7 I had won. 

I woke up with the calmest of feelings and I felt afraid to move because I didn't want to loose it!


But it didn’t go away, instead I felt more present and I remember feeling genuinely grateful for the whole experience. It's true, if I don't interfere and add a lot of extra stuff to my own thinking, my mind actually settles all by itself.

Nothing else to do. Just leave it alone.

The next 3 days became my own clarity masterclass and why it's such a difference-maker.


With much less on my mind I had space for new creative thoughts to emerge that opened up new possible solutions that I just hadn't seen before. The clarity prompted me to start writing and that's what I did for the next three days. 


It's crazy when you think about it. Most of us humans still doesn't know how we create our moment-to-moment experience of life and that creates enormous problems for all the people trying to control their external environment to create the right circumstances for a happy life.


But nothing outside ourselves can create our own experience, it's all done within ourselves from the inside out.  

So that’s my one lasting habit,

I accept that I create my own experience moment-to-moment, no one else.

I still catch myself thinking too much at times. But I accept my negative thoughts. I accept my occasional insecurity.

I accept my procrastination.

Just by this act alone, I allow myself to change.  Without force. Without needing to overcome myself. Without judgement. 

Simply through acceptance and letting the foot of the pedal. 

I no longer live with the burden of trying to be perfect and have everything figured out. I don't need to win every time. I can simply let my intuition guide me to wherever it wants to take me. All I ever need to do is to take the next step. 

If you'd like to explore what is possible for you, get in touch with me and we'll take it from there! 



Understanding the three principles is the most profound way that you can change your life.
I'm here to help you experience a new way of living your life.

Working with Johan has been life-changing for me. He helped me see the unconscious biases and patterns that stop me from reaching my full potential in both personal and professional areas of my life. I feel more free and open to respond to life through an objective and empowered perspective. Thank you very much,  Johan.

Anders Klasson


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