You want to lead an exciting and inspiring life that brings out the best in you.


You want to create space for your inner genius to be unleashed and for your wisdom to be the guiding force in everything you do.

You want to get out of your comfort zone, because you know that nothing new happens over there.


The rewards, the leaps and the bounds await you at the edge of fear and discomfort, and you’re willing to go there with a trustworthy guide.

You get excited at the thought of taking on challenges that push the limits of what you think is possible.

You see the value in investing in yourself. You know that a coaching relationship is an amazing vehicle for growth. 


You light up when asked thought-provoking, challenging questions. 

You are looking forward to the transformative conversations that trigger insights, that have the power to shift your entire consciousness and your view on life and show you what is truly possible for you in your life. 

You understand that, to make the most out of your coaching experience, you have to be willing to show up fully, be open to see and hear something new.


You need to questioning what you’ve been taught, to thinking in fresh new ways and, most of all, to let go of old beliefs that are holding you back.

You know that taking consistent inspired action in between sessions is key, as is being accountable to yourself, honoring your word and acting on it.

You’re a go-getter. You have big dreams and big goals, and you won’t apologize for it.


You’re also an action-taker, and you won’t allow yourself to stop or stay stuck when your fears try to derail you. Nor do you have any interest in buying into your or other people’s drama.

You would say that you’re pretty intuitive — but have yet to really fully follow your wisdom’s guidance in your life. You’d love to trust your inner voice a little more and allow that to show you a new way to operate in your everyday life.

You’re not looking for a guru or someone who will give you all the answers.


You know that YOU have the answers within — but you wouldn’t mind a partner, a guide, a personal trainer who’ll remind you of your genius, your GREATNESS and amazing potential, especially when shit happens or life “gets in the way.”

You’ve been on the path of personal development for a while, and it has served you. But you’re questioning if there isn't more to explore then meets the eye.


You know there’s more to life than visualization, vision boards and “manifesting”; otherwise, everyone using those techniques would succeed, and they don’t.


You’ve heard me or someone else talk about The Three Principles, and you’re getting a sense that this understanding just makes sense and that it points to something radically different than what 99% of the self-help world is talking about….

One thing’s for sure: You’re looking for someone with a strong blend of intuitive YET practical wisdom, a no-BS, down-to-earth approach to transformative coaching.

You’re not seduced by shiny promises of “proven systems.” You get that there are no “magical blueprints” to creating a successful life or overnight business success.

Yet, you feel that you’re sitting on untapped potential, and you want, more than anything, to unleash it and channel it through an IMMENSELY successful and fulfilling life. You feel that you’ve been “hiding” for too long and that it’s time to get in the game, even if it’s feel a bit scary.

You’re like me, done with the hustling, the stress, the anxiety and the overwhelm. You want to bring more flow and ease into your life and business.

You appreciate honesty and don’t get offended at the occasional curse word! You understand that my feedback comes from a place of love, a desire to see you succeed and my unwavering commitment to serve you in a way that will challenge you to move past the limitations of the ego mind and into your highest potential.

If you like with what you read so far and feel a strong intuitive “HELL YES!”, the next step is to book a Discovery Call to learn more about working together.

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Understanding the three principles is the most profound way that you can change your life.
I'm here to help you experience a new way of living your life.

Client Testimonials

Being a mother/wife and a leader is though sledding. I ended up with too much on my mind without seeing any way out of it. Through out our work together I've become more and more in tune with myself and I see everything much clearer now. A lot of the load has gone without me doing anything, just magic! 

Martina Carlsson